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Level 1 - The basics

 Skill building

 ( Moderate Intensity )


 Technical Sparring

 Basic Fitness

         Participants are taught technical skills according to AIBA Olympic Standards and

The Queensberry Rules.  Participants are considered "Green"


Level 2- INTERmediate

( High Intensity )

Skill Combination/ Strategy Development

Practical Sparring

Performance Conditioning

          Participants are taught to use skill combinations to build strategy and generalship.

LOW IMPACT practical sparring is applied.

 Participants are considered "Rookies".


Level 3 - Competitive

                                                              ( Amateur / Professional )

                                                        Advanced Skill Set Development

                                                            Performance Based Sparring

                                                       Functional Strength/ Conditioning



 Geared towards athletes who have competitive boxing experience. 

- Up to date and newly advanced strength and conditioning methods. -

- Strategy development unique to your specific style of fighting. Create YOUR trademark boxing style. -


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