Natalie SUGAR Brown

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 PUGiLiST ( Pu·Gi·List )



  1. a Boxer, especially a Professional one.

    synonyms: Boxer, Fighter, Prizefighter...


 Natalie "Sugar" Brown 

A highly accomplished female pugilist with over 20 years of elite level boxing experience. Natalie's passion for Boxing has lead to her success as an elite level amateur and a world rated professional boxer.

 Natalie started boxing as a teenager in Atlanta, Georgia USA, she is considered a trail blazer due to her many impressive accomplishments, here are a few of her favorites:


  • 2 Time World Silver Medalist

  • 3 Time National Golden Glove Champion

  • Police Athletic League National Champion

  • USA Boxing National Champion

  •  First National Champion Jamaican Female Boxer; First and only Female to medal for the country of Jamaica Internationally in Boxing.

  •  Member of the USA Boxing Female Olympic Team.

Ranked #2 in the world, Natalie has trained internationally and gained many accomplishments which has made her a noted athlete on a national and international platform. Natalie was inducted into the Georgia Boxing Hall of Fame as well as have been awarded female athlete of the year by the United States Olympic Committee, USA Boxing and also The Jamaican Boxing Board of Control. 

   As a professional, she has fought world title opposition and has been rated top ten internationally. SUGAR is an active contender and continues to challenge highly rated opposition.

 Natalie SUGAR Browns' knowledge and experience as a pugilist provides a solid foundation in the development of her  unique athletic programs. She applies her Olympic and Professional education in Boxing to serve her clients in the practical development of Skills Heath and Fitness.

Let SUGAR teach you the "Sweet Science" , her expertise is sure to help in your journey to increase your confidence, fitness conditioning, and overall health.





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